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  • The next meeting of the AK-Thermophysics Working Group will take place in 2025 in Berlin.

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Reference materials

Thermal conductivity

Pyrex glass, heat conductivity at -130°C to +195°C

(European Commission - Joint Research Centre IRMM BCR Reference Materials)

Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM)
Reference Materials Unit
B-2440 Geel, Belgium
Fax: +32(0) 14 590 406
Tel.: +32(0) 14 571 705
E-Mail: bcr.sales@irmm.jrc.be

  • BCR: Bureau Communautaire de Références (community bureau of references)
  • CRMs: certified reference materials (zertifizierte Referenzmaterialien)

Publications / Recommendations and guidelines / Standards:

Thermal diffusivity of the candidate standard reference material cordierite. High Temperatures - High Pressures, 1999, volume 31, pages 517-524
Neuer, G., Brandt, R., Maglic, K.D., Milosevic, N., Groboth, G., Rudtsch, S.

Dynamic calorimetry

Properties of liquids